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6 Proven Benefits of Having Fatty Acids In Your Diet

When was the last time you consumed fish? If you cannot remember, now is a good time to start. Part of your diet should be fatty acids that come from fish such as salmon. Fatty acids are the building blocks that form lipids. They can either be monounsaturated or polyunsaturated. The most common type is […]

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6 Common Myths About Cellulite

Millions of women have this pesky little issue in common and spend loads of money trying to prevent, reduce, or even make cellulite disappear altogether. In fact, cellulite affects about 90 percent of women and about 10 percent of men.  But, before you go out and start buying products and treatments, there are 6 common […]

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6 Good Reasons To Eat More Dark Chocolate

Rightly labeled a ‘superfood’, raw cacao contains a significantly high amount of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other health-boosting nutrients. Derived from the cacao plant, raw cacao is the unprocessed version of the cacao bean. It is also the one ingredient where chocolate is sourced from. However, before moving any further, it is important to know […]

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Ultra Omega Burn Review (Scam or Not?)

Ultra Omega Burn is a fat burning or dietary supplement that uses palmitoleic acid (also known as Omega 7 fatty acid) as its main natural ingredient. The product contains many health promises and the purpose of this and other Ultra Omega Burn reviews is to discover whether they are accurate or not. We’ll also take […]

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Caffeine: The Good, The Bad (And the Ugly)

  If you’re not familiar with caffeine, one might say you’ve been living under a rock. Caffeine has become as a staple in most people’s diets and is one of the most common ingredients on the planet. It’s found in many products such as energy drinks, coffees, teas, diet products, desserts and other common foods, […]

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