Ultra Omega Burn Review (Scam or Not?)

Ultra Omega Burn is a fat burning or dietary supplement that uses palmitoleic acid (also known as Omega 7 fatty acid) as its main natural ingredient. The product contains many health promises and the purpose of this and other Ultra Omega Burn reviews is to discover whether they are accurate or not. We’ll also take a look at what Palmitoleic acid is and how it works.

What Is Omega 7?

Omega 7 is a class of unsaturated fatty acid. There are many different types of Omega 7 fatty acid but the most common are Paullinic acid, Vaccenic acid, and Palmitoleic acid. The third one on that list, Palmitoleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid which is commonly found in adipose tissue (body fat). Palmitoleic acid is mostly found in the liver.

Not many people realise that fatty acids are essential for good health.

You can find Palmitoleic acid through a variety of dietary sources; particularly vegetable oils and animal fats. They are also found in macadamia oil and sea buckthorn oil (which is a common supplement source for Omega 7 fatty acid). You can also get Palmitoleic acid from breast milk, though we don’t recommend trying it now!

What Does Ultra Omega Burn Promise?

Here are some of the other health benefits one can get from taking Ultra Omega Burn:

  • Oxidise fat (use stored body fat for energy)
  • Revitalise your skin
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Reduce acne
  • Improves blood sugar sensitivity
  • Remove eczema
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce the symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Help maintain healthy hair and nails
  • Reduce appetite
  • Better energy levels
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Reduces arterial plaque
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduce the risk of heart attacks or strokes

These are some pretty exciting claims, any supplement that can make you look younger, boost body fat reduction by reducing fat cells, and reduce your risk of heart disease and strokes is going to be pretty special.

Each bottle of Ultra Omega Burn will last you 30 days with one capsule to be taken daily. Think of it as Omega-7 fatty acid in a bottle.

But before we rush out and buy a lifetime’s supply, let’s take a closer look at the claims just to be sure we understand what we are taking and how Ultra Omega Burn works.

Does Ultra Omega Burn Lead To Weight Loss?

This is a tricky subject, while Palmitoleic acid has been shown to be quite effective at certain aspects of weight loss, but usually, the study has been performed on animals rather than humans. For example, a study on rats found that omega 7 Palmitoleic acid boosts satiety (how full you feel after a meal) and reduces appetite.

A reduction in appetite is a great dietary tool, it can prevent snacking and overeating while attempting to create a calorie deficit. If these effects can occur in humans then Palmitoleic acid is going to be very effective at reducing body fat. Sadly, at present, there just isn’t enough evidence to say that it does occur in humans.

This has led to some reviewers calling Palmitoleic acid a scam, but really it just means that we are not certain either way.

That same study also found that Palmitoleic acid could increase satiety. This means that after eating a meal you would feel fuller for longer. Just like appetite reduction, this is a potential game-changer for anyone on a diet.

One of the biggest issues for dieters is finishing a smaller meal than they are used to and still feeling ravenous. A supplement like Ultra Omega Burn that can help you feel sated after a smaller portion is going to be very useful in cutting calories and in turn, losing weight.

Studies have shown that you can use mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids to help aid weight loss. A study on the influence of n-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acids and a very low-calorie diet on severely obese women found that the fatty acids produced a greater weight loss response.

This is not specifically looking at Palmitoleic acid, but it does demonstrate that an unsaturated fatty acid can be useful as a weight loss supplement.

Verdict = There seems to be some evidence to support the idea that Ultra Omega Burn can reduce appetite and increase satiety. This can help improve your dieting, but it does not show that taking Ultra Burn and doing nothing will lead to automatic fat burning. This is the case with any fat burner though!

Does Ultra Omega Burn Improve Your Skin?

There is a lot of evidence that as you age, the levels of fatty acids decrease.  This could mean that lowered fatty acid composition in the skin can help to speed up aging, it does not necessarily mean that supplementing with more fatty acids will improve your skin condition, or prevent aging.

Studies have demonstrated that Palmitoleic acid can be effectively used to treat the symptoms of hyper-pigmentation disorders. This is where the skin and nails have been darkened via sun damage, or acne, or disease.

A study in 2010 found that Palmitoleic acid worked as an anti-melanogenic agent, and could, therefore, help with hyper-pigmentation disorders.

Verdict = Some evidence that Palmitoleic acid can reduce the redness and inflammation from acne and eczema. No real evidence that it can reduce wrinkles or revitalise your skin. May be able to help treat sun damage. On a more delicious note, learn how dark chocolate can with skin protection.

Does Ultra Omega Burn Lower Cholesterol?

There is a lot of conflicting evidence regarding Palmitoleic acid and cholesterol, but a study taken in 2010 by Mozaffarian et al found that “higher palmitoleate concentrations were independently associated with lower LDL cholesterol.  LDL or Low-Density Lipoproteins is the bad form of cholesterol while HDL or High-Density Lipoproteins is the good cholesterol.

Too much bad cholesterol in your blood can cause arterial blockage which can cause heart ailments.

This study seems to find that having more Palmitoleic acid will lead to better cholesterol.

Verdict = Potentially reduces bad cholesterol, but more evidence needed

Can Ultra Omega Burn Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease?

As we saw in the previous section, there is some evidence that Palmitoleic acid can help to reduce bad cholesterol, this is a great way to prevent heart attacks and strokes. There also seems to be some evidence that Palmitoleic acid can prevent atherosclerosis (where plaque builds up inside your arteries), it does this by reducing inflammation and organelle stress.

Verdict = Good evidence to support the theory that Palmitoleic acid can help prevent heart disease and other metabolic disorders.

Is Ultra Omega Burn Worth It?

learn more about ultra omega burn

If you’re looking to take a magic pill that will instantly lead to weight loss then you won’t be too happy with the results.

But that is the case with all fat burning supplements. Taken alone they are pretty useless, but when combined with exercise and a calorie-controlled diet they may help you to get slightly better results than you would normally.

You’re not going to lose weight by just binging on Netflix and popping Ultra Omega Burn capsules like candy.

This may be a bit of a disappointment to some, but when it comes to long-term sustainable weight loss, you need to exercise and have a sensible diet. Plus weight loss is not a sprint to the finish line or embarking on risky crash diets that do more harm than good.

Many people, when faced with slow or stagnated weight loss, tend to start using drastic techniques like crash diets or dangerous supplements. Understand that your body needs time to adjust before changing course.

The other benefits, improved skin, lowered cholesterol, and reduced risk of heart disease may not be as glamorous as the weight loss promise, but they are probably more effective, and better for you long term. The evidence is a lot stronger here, and if you are very overweight or obese then taking Ultra Omega Burn could be beneficial.

However, it is good practice to consult your doctor before you start taking Ultra Omega Burn if you have any existing health issues.

You might be wondering, whether instead of taking Ultra Omega Burn you just try to increase your Palmitoleic acid through your diet. But this may not be such a good idea. As Professor Ebru Erbay (lead researcher in the study on Palmitoleate acid reducing atherosclerosis) says in an article for Harvard Magazine:

Palmitoleic acid is often found in foods (such as macadamia nuts) that also contain Palmitate, a “bad” fat that can override the benefits of the Palmitoleic acid.  This is one theory as to why there are so many conflicting results from studies into Palmitoleic acid. So taking a supplement that is made up of Palmitoleic acid (such as Ultra Omega) will provide you the benefits we mentioned, without any of the side effects.

At the end of the day, Ultra Omega Burn comes with an iron-clad 365-day money-back guarantee by its manufacturer, Nutra Active. Which means that if you do try it, and are not completely satisfied with the results you can return it for a full refund. So, what do you have to lose?

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